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Welcome to SOLO-F's production page! We offer high-quality door and safe manufacturing services. Learn more about our services and why customers choose us.

We provide the following manufacturing services:

- Door lock production: mechanical, electronic, magnetic.

- Window hardware production: handles, hinges, latches.

- Door and safe production: high-quality materials, modern mechanisms.

- Custom orders: tailored solutions for the customer.

Our specialists use modern technology and equipment to ensure the highest quality products.

Why choose us?

- High quality: We use modern technology and equipment.

- Experienced specialists: Our craftsmen have many years of experience.

- Individual approach: We produce products based on individual orders.

- Flexibility and reliability: Fast order fulfillment and strict quality control.

- European standards: Our products meet international standards and requirements.

Our production facilities include modern equipment and highly qualified personnel, allowing us to fulfill orders of any complexity in the shortest time.

To order manufacturing services, contact us:

Brīvības gatve 273/Caunes iela 1A t.67313650

Emīlijas Benjamiņas 21 t. 26445215

Kr. Valdemāra 147/1 t. 67281522

A. Čaka 82/84 t. 26975568

Brīvības 136 t. 67373739

Kr. Barona 78 t. 67315627

Svētes iela 5 t. 63083384,

We are always happy to help you with high-quality and complex manufacturing.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and order the production of doors, safes, and related accessories. We guarantee high quality and fast order fulfillment.   20223475    Caunes iela 1A, Rīga